FIV en México, Testimonios LIV

FIV en Mexico, Testimonios LIV

Descubra los momentos que más importan cuando forman parte de la familia LIV. Experimenten lo que podría ser su futuro con LIV Fertility Center. Nosotros reconocemos que no es sólo la experiencia , sino también lo que se comparte. Cada historia le introduce a la familia LIV de una manera diferente.

Tanisha con el Dr. Vélez, Julio 2019

Bienvenida Tanisha! Te deseamos la mejor de las suertes! Viviendo la Experiencia LIV!

Michelle con el Dr. Vélez 2019

Paciente Michelle. Estoy muy emocionada de iniciar esta experiencia con todo el equipo de LIV Fertility Center. 💚

Candace Mitcham de California EU, Marzo 2019

¡Es una Niña! Estamos celebrando estar oficialmente a la mitad de este sorprendente embarazo, ¡queríamos  enviar un cálido saludo y agradecer a LIV  Fertility  en Nuevo Vallarta, México! ¡El personal médico de LIV realmente hizo realidad nuestra meta de vida más épica y estaremos eternamente agradecidos! Siguan su experiencia de vida en : IG @candacemarietv

JS y JS de California EU, Enero 2019

"Estas son las personas más increibles con las que he estado en una clínica de fertilidad. Ofrecen nada menos que un servicio VIP en cada paso del proceso. Nunca he recibido este nivel de atención y tratamiento en ninguna instalación médica en los Estados Unidos. Y el Dr. Vélez es un médico extremadamente talentoso y conocedor. También es un perfeccionista, lo que demuestra en sus tasas de éxito. Recomendamos esta clínica a cualquiera que quiera concebir ".

Danaisy y Nosdiel Silva de Florida E.U, Enero 2019

Excelente experiencia en LIV Fertility Center. Absolutamente amamos a cada persona que nos ayudó. La recepcionista, el personal de oficina, las enfermeras, la embrióloga y el Dr. Vélez fueron increíblemente profesionales,  respondieron todas nuestras inquietudes. Mi esposo y yo definitivamente recomendaremos LIV, no solo son increíblemente profesionales, son conocedores y atentos. Te tratan como si fueras parte de su propia familia. Tengo que decir que fue la mejor decisión que podríamos haber tomado. Amamos a todos y cada uno que nos ayudó ❤️

Calli y Tim (TEXAS) Enero 2019

Bienvenidos a LIV, Tim and Calli!

Ed and Erica (USA) August 2018

Felicidades! Erica y Ed,  le damos la bienvenida a estas dos hermosas  niña, Shay y Skye.

Osyeli & Victor (USA) June 2018

Meet Romina — Daughter to Osyeli & Victor of Oklahoma. "She’s more than we could have ever imagined. We are truly blessed. We want to thank you and everyone at the clinic. This would have never been possible without you all."

Adam & Laura (USA) January 2018

Congratulations to Adam & Laura — 11 weeks pregnant.

Angie (Texas) January 2018

Update: Joshua is now 6 months. Angie gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Joshua Angie is Pregnant!!

Chad & Laura (S. Carolina) January 2018

UPDATE: Chad & Laura delivered a healthy baby girl on 2-23-17. We are pregnant! (Chad and Laura are 39 weeks pregnant) Our birth journey class took us 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Chad painted my belly.        

IL (Kansas) January 2018

Update: IL delivered a healthy baby boy, Haziel, on 11/3/17. WOW, Where do we start… My husband and I struggled with infertility issues for 5+ years. We had tried IUI for 4 months in our home state and sadly it never worked, in 2016 we decided to save and save some more to be able to afford IVF and a nice vacation for this process. Of course the first thing was to find the right place to travel to, and that’s when we came across this AMAZING CLINIC. LIV Fertility Center was our miracle path for us to start our family; first we researched the clinic, read reviews of people like us that went there chasing a dream just like we were. When we finally agreed to call and set up an appointment our first impression was beyond our expectations, Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores got on a call with us right away, we explained what we were dealing with and it was instant that we felt like they understood us, they both answered our questions and doubts, and provided us with all the information needed to start our Journey, honestly we didn’t look anymore after talking to these two great doctors. We scheduled our visit, I am so thankful for Alonso, he was able to handle all of our questions after scheduling our visit and he dealt with me time after time before our arrival to the clinic, every time I emailed him, his response was so fast, I was never worried about getting a hold of them. The day finally came and we were so excited and so nervous, but it all went so smoothly, we got so close to the people that we met at LIV, starting with the Doctors again, Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores were so welcoming, I was lucky enough to start our stimulation shots that very same day of our visit, Our nurses were INCREDIBLE ELI and ANITA were such sweet ladies, Eli walked my husband through the procedure of taking the shots so that he could do them for me back at the hotel on the days we were not at the clinic, Both Eli and Anita always made me feel so comfortable, they were both so caring and gentle. Esther and Vanessa were also a great asset, coming into the clinic felt like family were there expecting us, these two girls make it so easy for you to come in and they welcome you with a smile each time, they would constantly ask how we were doing and feeling. Karlita which is the lab director would email us every day on the process of our embryos, every step at LIV was being followed with such care and priority, not once did I have to check in with them because they were keeping us update every time, Our Transfer was done by Dr. Velez and Dr. Stetson. I felt so comfortable both on the day of retrieval and day of transfer, I felt safe, and these Doctors did everything in their power to make us feel like this. My favorite part of all was Dr. Stetson being able to respond to my texts with any concern or question I had, this was throughout the process and after we came back home, this really made us feel so cared for, We cannot Thank Liv enough for the amazing help they provided us with. We strongly encourage anyone struggling with infertility to give them a chance to be part of your journey; I feel like God put them in our path, they are a bunch of professionals that felt like a family, Wish we could give them more then 5 stars on this review. We just got our first positive blood test, so THANK YOU LIV, THANK YOU for helping our dream come to a reality. With Love... L & I ♡

Armando & Paola (Mexico) December 2017

LIV Fertility Patients, Armando & Paola, welcomed precious baby girl. Congrats!!

Amy & Colleen (Canada) December 2017

UPDATE: Amy & Colleen welcomed twins — baby boy Maverick and baby girl Stevie (The adorable twins are a healthy 4 months old) Our fertility journey began early 2016 in Alberta, Canada, where my wife and I were working with a clinic to prepare for IVF treatment. After a few months of working with that clinic, my wife and I simply felt that something was missing from our experience. So, we started to research International clinics, and found LIV Fertility Center. From day one, our relationship with LIV has been nothing short of efficient, supportive, and comforting. Within one hour of emailing the clinic, (Journey Coordinator), called me, and was able to answer all my questions. Shortly after, we were able to Skype with Dr. Flores and Dr. Sonny, which quickly resulted in my wife and I saying “this is the clinic for us”. The doctors kept close contact with us, and readily answered my long stream of questions. Also, we naturally had reservations about traveling Internationally for these procedures, but we were put at ease as we got to know our Doctors and tour their beautiful facility. Going through such a personal and special experience it meant everything to have Doctors and support staff who were truly invested in helping us add to our family. Dr. Flores and Dr. Sonny are truly passionate about what the do, and that comes through in every interaction. We will be forever grateful to our Doctors, Nurse April, and all the staff at LIV Fertility Center.

Manuel & Rocio (USA) November 2017

Our LIV Patients, Manuel & Rocio, delivered healthy twin boys — Alan and Alex. Congrats!

Edgar & Isabella (Mexico) November 2017

Look who turned 1? Baby Alanis (Edgar & Isabella)...

Alejandro & Ana (Mexico) November 2017

Our adorable LIV Patients — Alejandro & Ana — delivered healthy triplets! Congrats!

David & Kayte (California) September 2017

Update: David & Kayte delivered a healthy baby boy, Ryan. Watch Gender Reveal Party Now I pray and thank God for you and your facility! You guys at LIV have made our dreams come true. And we tell everyone about your dedications with us. We wish you could have delivered Ryan, you are priceless Dr. Stetson! For 1,265 days we prayed for a child. After countless tests, procedures and medications, we finally got our little blessing. LIV Fertility Center made this all possible. Dr. Flores and Dr. Stetson are two of the most amazing, humble doctors I have ever met. They never talked "over us" and explained, in detail, every single step of our IVF journey. The nurses, April and Anna became our friends after being in everyday for blood work and injections. The  anesthesiologist and embryologist calmed my nerves before egg retrieval and transfer and Esther and Victoria up front made us feel so incredibly welcomed from the moment the doors opened; We walked in terrified to start this journey and left knowing that every single person at LIV was cheering us on and working as hard as we were to make our dream come true. Our first round of IVF was unsuccessful. However, this didn't deter the doctors at all. We made a plan to try a more aggressive round the second time, thus resulting in our positive pregnancy, plus six more embryos waiting for us. If it weren't for this facility, my husband and I would still be devastated, wondering "why us"? There will never be enough words to thoroughly explain my husband's and my gratitude to this incredible facility. Thank you LIV for believing in us, as we believed in you. We can't wait to send you pictures of our little boy, due October 6th, 2017.

Nuño Family (Mexico) August 2017

The Nuño Family is excited to announce an addition to their family — healthy baby girl Matilda.

TM (Canada) August 2017

Update: TM delivered a healthy baby girl — Veronica! I am a 43-year-old woman that had a tubal ligation 15 years ago. We decided to use donor eggs from the LIV fertility clinic. We were first in contact with LIV from a Google search for a fertility clinic in Mexico. There were a few of clinics we were researching in Mexico from website searches to phone calls. We determined the LIV fertility clinic was the one for us because their staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and patient with all of our questions. There were several reasons why we chose the LIV fertility clinic but the main reason was they were more interested in making us feel comfortable over the phone and through email; the subject of money didn't come into our conversations until we made our decision. We didn't feel pressured to send money to Mexico. This was important to us as we are international patients. Other clinics we were in contact with wanted a deposit right away. The physical location of the clinic is wonderful. With the sunshine and the beach, our experience was amazing. The clinic is located within the hospital. The atmosphere, cleanliness and professionalism is top notch and is equal to what I had experienced at home in Canada. Our first contact was with Alonso. He is an amazing person and answered all of our calls with multiple questions, sometimes twice a day for a month, till we made our decision. He not only helped with fertility questions but also which hotels to stay, what amenities were close by and cultural information about the area. Once we arrived at the clinic, Dr. Stetson was our main contact. He is very professional, thorough with explaining the steps required to prepare for the transfer and answered all questions that we had. He is very personable, has a great sense of humor and made us feel comfortable and welcome at the clinic. Dr. Stetson was with us during the transfer and kept the mood light with playing music I requested "Country" and keeping us relaxed. Dr. Flores looked after all of the medical procedures from the ultrasounds to the transfer. He explained how my body responded to the medications and how the donor eggs had developed after fertilization. He was very patient with us and answered all of our questions. During the transfer, he explained what we saw on the ultrasound screen and told us what to look for when embryos were transferred. He was very gentle with the insertion of the catheter and no anesthetic or freezing was used. After we returned home, we were in close contact with the clinic for the first 12 weeks. It was great to have the support of the clinic during this time with any questions or concerns that had come up. Our transfer was successful on the first try and we are due in August 2017.

Jed & Melody (Arizona) August 2017

Watch Video — Gender Reveal Party Update: Jed & Melody delivered a healthy, strong baby girl — Tatum Grace I am so deeply grateful for having this opportunity in Mexico and for the wonderful staff! My hug bank will forever be full from all the love and care I am receiving. I got to celebrate national Doctors day with everyone! I hardly have words to express my gratitude and appreciation for LIV. This clinic offers world class and affordable care with highly successful doctors, attentive nurses and a brilliant lab technician. The LIV clinic is a beautiful and clean facility that overlooks tropical Puerto Vallarta. From the moment I arrived, I was treated with specialized attention, warmth and personalized service. I couldn’t believe the amount of face time I had with the doctors... unlike the States! They got to know me and my husband in the weeks leading up to my visit and created a special protocol for my IVF procedure that was based on my past medical history and re-occurrence of miscarriage loss. They were even able to identify gaps in my treatment that my doctors in the States overlooked. They were determined, persistent and genuinely cared about our 6-year painful struggle with not being able to have a child of our own. My husband and I were nervous with the idea of visiting Mexico for an IVF treatment but once we arrived, it was evident that not only would we be taken care of but we were in a safe and highly experienced environment. Because of LIV, we can finally say the words that we never thought we would have the chance to say…. we are actually pregnant! Thank you LIV family! You are a team of miracle workers and we will forever be grateful for not only your care but for your abundant hearts and determination towards struggling couples like us!

SP (Texas) August 2017

Update: Noah is 4 months... and so handsome. Congrats, SP delivered a healthy ADORABLE baby boy — Noah in May.

Gama & Patricia (Utah) June 2017

Update: Gama & Patricia gave birth to twin girls — Maria & Aria When my husband and I found out we had to have IVF we thought it would be a long time before we could afford to do it. When we found the LIV Fertility Center, it was a miracle for us because with their prices, we could start the journey of becoming parents much sooner than we thought. From start to finish, I felt so taken care of by everyone at the clinic. The nurses and the staff always greeted me and helped with anything I needed, and you knew that the doctors really cared about your well-being.  I could contact them any time, and they were always happy to answer all of my many questions. What started out as being a scary experience, they turned into a wonderful journey. As I left the clinic for the last time, I didn't know if I was pregnant or not, but I felt such a gratitude for everyone there no matter the outcome. I knew that they did everything possible for me, and really cared for me.  I am so grateful to them for that.  And now, because of that wonderful experience in Puerta Vallarta, I am pregnant for the first time, with TWINS!  Thank you LIV Fertility Center! We just got back from the doctor and we were told everything looks really good. Both babies have their own placenta and were wiggling all over.

Jason & Jannai (Colorado) February 2017

Iocen & Mireles (Florida) February 2017

Luis & Family (Mexico) January 2017

Adorable Triplets!!!

Ashleigh (California) December 2016

The Doctors and Staff at LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta changed my life for the better.  I want to share about how positive my experience has been in order to offer hope to other women. I sought help from LIV Fertility Center for Oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing). I am 36 years old and I still do not know whether I want to have a biological child or not. I am someone who really values options. It is an incredibly expensive procedure in the U.S. and a very affordable one in Mexico.  I am so happy that I did this. This was a very personal decision that ultimately brought me tremendous peace of mind. I want to let those of you who may not know that there are affordable and safe options for fertility outside of the U.S. There are so many choices in this world that are more accessible than many of us think. I only became aware of this in the last 6 months and I am so grateful that I did.  i do just want to mention that the medication prices were more expensive than I had anticipated so just speak with the doctors initially to get a better approximation if you have any financial concerns. This was and is a really big deal to me and I really want to express my gratitude openly.  The Doctors and Staff are incredibly professional, helpful and highly qualified.  They took such good care of me and I highly recommend working with Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores. The staff are so friendly and were always available for any of my questions or concerns.  The treated me with the utmost respect and compassion. The facilities are better than many of the medical offices I have visited in the U.S.  I could not be more pleased with my decision.  Thank you so much LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta.

Cayce (Canada) November 2016

What can I say about LIV?  From the moment you walk in until the moment you leave you’re treated like family.  I started my infertility journey in Canada where I was treated like nothing more than a number and a pay-cheque.  The difference is incredible.  The doctors and staff at LIV are incredible people who go above and beyond for their patients.  My journey with them has only just begun and I am so happy to have them be a part of it.

Manuel & Maria (Mexico) November 2016

Perfect Location. Charismatic. Excellent treatment, very professional, personnel is very attentive and very friendly. The clinic is very clean and comfortable. Working with the doctors at LIV, you feel at home in a friendly environment and they inspire a lot of confidence. They explain each and every step of the procedure thoroughly. They are bi-lingual and can communicate perfectly in English or Spanish while being firm and clear. The difference between this fertility center and others we have visited is the fact that the doctors and staff at LIV Fertility Center care about our necessity and they assist us each step of the way. We recommend LIV Fertility Center 100%.

Elizabeth (Mexico) November 2016

Elizabeth is 19 weeks pregnant.